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alright so I made this game and its pretty bad. Probably worse than E.T on the Atari and maybe even Superman on the N64, but I thought it was kind of funny and dumb and I honestly just want some money that's why it's 10 cents. I'm planning on adding a lot more to it but I've never made games in the past so it's pretty hard at times. If you do actually get this game for whatever reason, I thank you tons and I really appreciate it. And I hope Mincrophost sues me for using their logo I would beat Bill Gates in a tech deck trick competition so bad.

Objective: Yeah there is actually an goal in the game and it is to stay inside the screen as long as possible. My developing skills are trash at the moment so yeah that's why. The more you move around the screen the more Numbers you get! By the way, Numbers are good. But if you hit the edge of the screen you get freaking bamshmoozled and your health bar goes down. Yeah I put in a health bar cuz my developing skills are just that good.

Controls: Arrow keys to move - Escape button to get the hell out of this sh***y game. The letter "R" to Restart, cuz yeah I went to alphabet school.


Buy Now$0.10 USD or more

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I'm wondering why is it tagged as 'Erotic'.


I don't have 10 cents. I'll play this when I have 10 cents.


hell i'm sure it's epic!